Remove annoying distracting background noise during zoom call automatically

Working from home or office, the background noise of paper, keyboard, dog, the doorbell is annoying and distracting. Use Zoom's artificial intelligence technology to suppress background noise.

Zoom recognizes two kinds of background noises, the one that is continuous and others that is intermittent. Zoom can differentiate between persistent noise that of fans or air conditioners, and irregular sounds like a dog barking or keyboard sounds. By default Zoom automatically does do background noise reduction. However, the option can be changed to be more or less aggressive based on the environment and use case.

To remove background noise follow these simple steps

Step 1 - Open audio settings

zoom audio settings

Step 2 - Go to advanced settings

zoom audio advanced settings

Step 3 - Remove persistent background noise

Select the level of suppression for persistent background noise removal.

zoom audio persistent background noise removal

Step 4 - Remove intermittent background noise

Select the level of suppression for intermittent background noise removal.

zoom audio intermittent background noise removal

Choose the correct level of suppression setting based on your surrounding environment. The high suppression feature gives you distraction-free audio for important meetings and presentations so you can sound your best.

Happy Zooming!!